Before and After

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This Tundra looks as good as new! In a collision? Call Precision!

Before and After

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Before and After pictures from a Subaru recently completed!

Before and After

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Before and After-This Toyota is looking as good as new! We’re proud of our quality work here at Precision Autobody!

Paint Booths

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State of the art heated paint booths here at Precision Autobody!

Employment Opportunity

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A rewarding employment opportunity is waiting for you at Precision Autobody and Collision! If you have the desire to work in a professional, fun environment, with a chance to expand your career at an autobody business, then stop by 667 Cloman Blvd. and fill out an application, or contact us at 970.731.3111.

Tip of the week

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Need to get tree sap off of your car? Use lacquer thinner, as long as the paint isn’t fresh! Use an all purpose lacquer thinner and wipe it away immediately.
Apply lacquer thinner to corner of rag. Lightly apply using circular motion. When you feel it gone, wipe off the remaining lacquer thinner. A little […]