Mike at Precision is the ONLY person I will take my vehicles to!! In the fall of 2015 I hit my first elk leaving Pagosa towards Durango. Mike was not only able to fix the truck, but it looked BRAND NEW! In early 2016, I hit 4 more elk, yes 4. Again I took my truck to Mike and yet again, he was able to take a crumpled, dented, RUINED truck and make it better than before!!
Fast forward to early 2017, I had a trailer catch on fire when it was hooked to my truck. I was unable to get the trailer off so my truck got some serious damage, bubbled paint all over the rear end, trashed tail lights, you name it… Mike made my 2001 dodge look like it had just come off the showroom floor!!!
In 2019, someone used a knife to carve into my trucks passenger front & rear doors… the cuts were all the way down to the metal and into it… again, big ugly damage on my truck has been PERFECTLY fixed!!

My whole family uses Mike for all their body work and we wouldn’t let anyone else work on our trucks! The quality of work is beyond perfect!

I would recommend ANYONE to bring their vehicles here!!